SunDial's spray foam insulation is an alternative to traditional building insulation such as fiberglass. Using a two-component mixture composed of isocyanate and polyol resin which comes together at the tip of a gun, and forms an expanding foam that can be sprayed directly onto interior roofs for insulation or onto exterior flat roofing. This foam insulation adds strength to your structure and increases your energy efficenicy and much more. This cost effective fix can last decades longer than traditional methods. Call today to find out how our spray foam can save you money over the life of your project.


Spray foam insulation offers added value because it acts as an air and moisture barrier solution that wind proofs and seals wall, floor and ceiling cavities to prevent air movement (including spaces around electrical outlets and light fixtures, at baseboards and where walls meet windows and doors). This means that UN-conditioned air cannot seep in from the outside bringing with it moisture, spores, pollen, or other environmental pollution. Spray foam through it's air sealing allows.


SPF Saves You Money and Pays for Itself

SPF home insulation saves on energy costs and lowers utility bills. SPF is used to seal the entire “building envelope” of your home to prevent air and moisture infiltration. The US Department of Energy (DOE) studies show that 40% of your home’s energy is lost due to air infiltration. This air infiltrates the home in the form of drafts through walls sockets, windows and doorways. Often times no expensive building wrap or additional vapor protection is required during construction when using SPF, saving money yet again.


High R-Value

Sprayed polyurethane foam has an aged R-value of approximately 6.0 per 1 inch thickness (depending on the particular formulation and application, higher values have been achieved), enabling it to provide more thermal resistance with less material than any other type of commercial insulation material. SPF systems are frequently used to insulate and protect a wide variety of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

Monthly energy and utility savings of 30% or greater can be achieved when compared to the alternative roofing and insulation systems. The cost of an SPF roof or insulation system can often be recovered in less than 5 years, simply through energy savings alone.


Spray Foam Insulation

Call today to find out how our spray foam can save you money over the life of your project.


Spray Polyurea Coating

Spray Polyurea coating are outdoor protective coatings and concrete sealers that shield your structures from extreme climates and chemical corrosion and create a waterproof barrier between the elements and your property. The line of corrosion protection coatings are also available in a variety of colors and designs and can accent your existing architecture.

Before Old Pool

After Polyurea Coating